You might want to break out the woollies Monday and Tuesday of this week, it's going to remain cold.

But meteorologist with Environment Canada Jesse Wagar says it'll change.

"It is a cold snap over quite a large area so we're not alone in these cold temperatures but we're seeing the pattern start to shift for Wednesday which will help to usher in some warmer temperatures, and it'll be a nice change for a little bit for us," she says. "Probably almost a 20-degree rise, maybe even a little bit more where we see daytime high temperatures go from around -20 to slightly above zero on Wednesday.

She says it's not a Chinook but a warm air mass that'll cover much of the province.

"A Chinook has a pretty specific definition, when we see the wind shifting over the rocks, we do tend to see a little bit of warming come from the southwest like that, but this really is a full-scale air mass shift for most of the province," she explained. "So, if it is a true Chinook, we are typically just looking at the extreme southern, southwestern parts of the province, Calgary, Okotoks, that kind of area but this is a full-scale shift to warmer temperatures even into the Edmonton area so we wouldn't normally classify that as a Chinook."

We're looking at a high of -20 Tuesday but a high of +2 on Wednesday.

Wagar expects the warmer temperatures to stick around for only a couple of days, but it shouldn't get too clod after that, in around the -5 to -10 range, with a pretty good lead up to Christmas time.