The Concert for Ukraine is returning to Hub Town Brewing this weekend.

First held in April of 2022, it saw several local bands and musicians come together for the cause.

Organizer and local musician Klym Bolechowsky said it's disheartening that the conflict has continued as long as it has, but he knows locals are willing to help.

"Last year went really well. We raised over $5,000 for a number of charities working in Ukraine. Hub Town are great hosts, and we had a really good turnout, so we thought it was time to get this going again."

Hub Town is hosting live music on both floors of their building, with a long list of musicians and bands on tap.

concert for ukraine

Bolechowsky says that's not all they've got in store.

"It'll be similar but a little better organized this time, we're a little more experienced now. We're going to have a silent auction; some local businesses have really stepped up with some stuff to auction. We're going to have baked goods, Ukrainian cookies for sale. We're going to possibly have some games, a draw or two, and a few little announcements and what have you. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Funds raised from the event are being donated to the Canadian Red Cross, which is tripling donations for the month of October.

The event starts a 4 p.m. at Hub Town Brewing.

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