Sweet treats from Okotoks have returned to the Calgary Stampede.

Covet Sips + Sweets is back dishing out cookies and sodas at the Stampede midway for a second year.

Co-owner Megan Layton said it was a little intimidating last year, but having gone through it once, this time was much more fun to prepare for.

“Last year it was big, it was scary, we didn’t know what to expect, and this year we were like ‘Why aren’t we scared? This feels so good, we’re so excited!’ So when we were testing cookies and coming up with drinks, it was just fun. That’s how we think business should be when it can be.”

Just like last year, the Covet crew took a look at current flavour trends and came up with a slate of specially made cookies to fit with the Stampede’s eclectic food offerings.

“We tested a lot of different things but when we landed on that Sour Watermelon Cookie, it’s so yummy and so adorable, we’re so deeply obsessed with that cookie... And that Mango Chili Chocolate, that is an excellent cookie. Spicy enough for those who like spicy, but not too spicy, so everyone can try it,” says Layton.

They’re also offering Dunkaroo and Honey Cinnamon Waffle cookies, with the latter actually being pressed with a waffle iron.

On top of their regular soda menu, Layton says they devised a secret menu themed around all of the artists performing on the Coke Stage this year.

“We thought, ‘Gosh, if people are heading down to the Coke Stage, they’re going to need a drink.’ So we actually went through our drink menu and listened to every single artist on the Coke Stage and thought ‘What is the vibe here?’”

Another addition this year is cowboy boot cups that provide discounted refills.

Once again, Covet is set up at the base of the Super Wheel in their specially-made sea can.

Their Okotoks location is still open during Stampede, and Layton advises anyone who doesn't plan on attending the Stampede to keep their eyes on Covet’s social media, as there’s a possibility that some of their Stampede cookies could make an appearance in Okotoks.

When it came to the prospect of returning for a second year, Layton says there was no hesitation.

“Coming back to Stampede was a no-brainer, it was an instant yes. No hesitation to come back.”