The Okotoks Dawgs are looking for local families for their billet program.

With the arrival of the 2023/2024 school year, the program’s main focus is the Dawgs Academy athletes.

Academy Dawgs are age 18 and under and attending high school classes and require accommodation through to the end of the school year.

General manager Tyler Hollick says it’s more than just providing lodging for young athletes.

“The main thing we’re looking for is a home away from home. A healthy environment for a kid outside of his classes, training, and practices. To have that extended family or home away from home feeling. A lot of kids are coming from across the country, out of town most certainly, to supplement one of the top programs in the country. To be here, train, and go off and play college baseball. They’re very dedicated, very passionate kids that have big goals.”

Billet families are provided a stipend to cover the additional costs that come with the program.

“It does cover a majority of their food costs and supplementary bills. We don’t want a family coming out of pocket to feed or take care of this player that’s come across the country. We want to make sure they’re taken care of like a well-trained athlete, and they feel comfortable, from the family point of view and the player point of view,” says Hollick.

The program is often the catalyst for lifelong friendships.

“It’s a really amazing experience. It’s a great mentorship opportunity for younger kids in the home to see what the day-to-day grind and demands of a Dawgs athlete look like. We’ve had decades of kids come through this program now and many of them are still close friends to the host families they stayed with. It becomes a lifelong friendship or family environment. We’re lucky, we have amazing kids and amazing families that mesh well together.”

Anyone interested can contact the Dawgs via email at or by calling their main office at (403) 262-3294.


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