I don't know about you but I'm still not over the historic Okotoks Dawgs season we got to be apart of! 

We watched the Dawgs claim their 6th WCBL title, their first since 2019, and in doing so they also set a new regular season winning record of 43-13. 

On top of that, we did our part as well! Fans helped set a new club record this summer AND raised a record breaking amount of funds in our Breast Cancer Awareness game! (Over $42,000 with Ricky Sanchez's jersey going for $8,000!) 

Now, usually with a win we get to watch the players flash their snazzy championship rings...but this year Okotoks Dawgs fans also get to get in on the action! 

Did you know you can buy your very own 2022 Championship ring!? 

Check it out:

Okotoks Dawgs Ring.

And with this baby, any time you look at your hand you're reminded of the unforgettable season we just had! (Just don't replace your wedding ring with it or you might not have a happy partner! ;) )