Only five homes in the Beachwood Estates area of High River sold in a recent provincial auction.

Spokesman for Alberta Infrastructure, Dallas Huybregts, says they're weighing options for the remaining homes, but if they are to be demolished, the province has a policy to cover salvaging the home's fixtures.

"Whenever we do a renovation or demolition of any of our properties we try to divert as much material from landfills as possible and recycle or salvage as much material as possible," he says.

Two homes in the Foothills MD and one in Sundre sold in the auction.

Huybregts says a couple of the homes have been moved.

"One purchaser is waiting on permits to get their relocation started, two have tentatively been scheduled to move their structure next month and one is tentatively scheduled for September, the other two are still in the process of working out permitting and things like that," Hubregts says.

He says for the remaining homes that did not sell, the Province is reevaluating them and looking at all of the available options which could include another auction or demolition.