Diamond Valley's CAO is moving on.

The town announced today, Wednesday Mar. 22, that Shawn Patience will be taking up the Chief Administrative Officer position in Coalhurst.

It's familiar ground for Patience, who served four terms on Fort Macleod's council, three of them as mayor.

He's quoted in a release from the Town of Coalhurst:

"You don't get many chances to come home... This opportunity lets me do the work I love closer to the people I love. I am hoping to bring the experience, best practices and collaborative approach I've gained in other communities to the administration in Coalhurst."

Stepping into the role is Corinne Middleton, the town's current Corporate Services and Finance manager.

She's been with the town since 2018 and says she's excited to work with council and administration in the ongoing amalgamation.

Mayor Barry Crane was quoted in the release from the town:

"She brings a wealth of experience from both private industry and her time managing the municipal finances, including leading Council through the budget process. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small towns with limited resources, and she has a focused commitment to providing the residents with value for the services and programs offered. Council fully supports Mrs. Middleton and have a great comfort with her previous record as a leader and agent of change, bringing new thinking and a deep understanding of implications toward decision making."

Patience will remain in the role until April 30.