How'd you like to be the first town councillor or mayor that a town ever had?

If you live in Black Diamond or Turner Valley, there's a chance that can happen.

The two towns are amalgamating, and an election is set for a single council, with nominations set for noon on October 31.

Returning Officer Verna Staples says they do have a few candidates for council but so far on one's stepped up to take on the mayor's job.

"Nominations are final 24 hours after (Oct. 31) as long as we have a full slate of candidates or an acclimation and then that's all final at noon on November 1ST and then we're officially campaigning," she says.

"We're having advance votes on November 21st. and Election Day is November 28th."

Preparations are being made for polling stations in each community.

A Ministerial Order directs that the new council must be sworn in at the Organizational Meeting and that will happen within 60 days of election day.

Diamond Valley goes into existence on January 1, 2023.