A fishing show produced by a Diamond Valley family is making waves with outdoor enthusiasts.

Wild Angles takes viewers to the best fishing holes across Western Canada and is hosted, filmed, and produced by the Dunning family via their company Dunning Imagery Productions.

Andrew Dunning, the show's director/producer, says his family has a wide array of talents that contribute to the show.

"Debbie, my wife, she's the editor and she does all the books, that's what she does by trade, she's a bookkeeper. Liam, who went to school for multimedia, he's the director of photography, he gives us a lot of pointers and whatnot for field shooting. He also helps out with camera work when required. Aedan, who's the host, he's the youngest."

The show's second season is currently airing on Wild TV, with filming for the third season currently underway.

Many of the show's episodes feature Western Canada locales, though they've also shot episodes in Louisiana, and several episodes from the current season were filmed in the Northwest Territories.

They've got no shortage of locations and ideas for the third season.

"We're looking at the Skeena River in the Terrace, B.C. area with all the steelhead and different salmon in the rivers, we're talking to another company in Saskatchewan for filming on Diefenbaker Lake, that's where the world record burbot was caught. Aedan loves burbot fishing, it's done at night and through the ice, and so we're going to go there and try to get a big old burbot, just camp out on the ice... We even got an invite from some folks watching the show, the dad called us up and said 'Hey, you want Aedan to come out and catch some lobster with my son in Newfoundland?'"

They're also branching out into hunting, with goose, pheasant, and deer hunting episodes coming up.

Andrew says this isn't the family's first foray into outdoor television.

"We had a television show called The Coyote Kid back in the day, it was on Wild TV. That one was hosted by Aedan as well... He's a professional fishing guide at Cree Lake Lodge up in Northern Saskatchewan, he's been doing that for the last five years and he's been fishing his entire life. It's something that he wanted to do, he came to us and said "Hey we've got a production company, would you be interested in helping me put a show together?' We had all the resources and know-how so we had a family meeting and we came up with an idea."

Dunning FamilyThe Dunning Family. Left to right: Liam, Andrew, Debbie, Aedan. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Dunning)

So far, it seems to be connecting with outdoor enthusiasts.

"People have been very supportive. They can see Aedan's passion, when he gets in there and he's catching a fish he gets pretty excited, he's pretty animated at times. When he doesn't catch a fish or when he loses a fish he's also pretty animated, so that's been the biggest reaction from folks, just how involved he is with the art and the passion for the actual fishing," says Andrew.

He says viewers enjoy the family-made nature of the show too.

Other members of the family are featured in front of the camera too, with Liam having hosted an episode of the latest season, and Andrew hosting another from the season prior.

Andrew says it all contributes to what they intend to be an accessible, relatable show.

"We get excited about catching fish but we also want to tell a story. We're actually working to make that better, to tell the story so viewers can watch it and either live vicariously through Aedan or Liam, or just be able to think that someday they're going to be able to go out and do the same thing."

New episodes of Wild Angles air weekly on Wild TV, and can be streamed on Wild TV+.

The first season is available to watch on the Wild Angles TV YouTube channel.