High River residents may have another option for getting outdoors and staying healthy.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the Kinsmen and Kinettes approached the Town asking for ideas where they could help with parks or green spaces, and they've decided on the old Rio Vista golf course.

"We gave them a couple of options and one was the Rio Vista golf course which the Town now owns, purchased from the provincial government, so we definitely want to do something in there and so that was an offer, we sent them away and so they came back with an idea and it would be a perfect place because it's an old golf former course, a disc golf course is their vision," he says.

The Town wants to rebuild the parking lot at the site and needs to come up with some quotes and decide what the project should cost.

There are still access issues to be dealt with and the town needs to determine how much money to put toward the project.

disc golf

"There's access negotiations that we have to work through if we're going to have vehicle access into that are going over the canal, that we have to work out with Alberta Environment," Snodgrass says.

The Kinsmen and Kinettes are starting to crunch the numbers and determine what their next steps are but mayor Snodgrass says the idea is fantastic.

"This is exactly why we want to engage our service clubs because they love doing this kind of stuff and it's great to have community groups put this stuff together," he says. "They do a fantastic job of it and it's already shown."

"I've always said there's things the Town does very, very well, and we should be doing and then there's things that the community always does better and what the community should be doing, and these kinds of projects fit perfectly in there."