High Riverites can expect to hear plenty of (simulated) gunfire over the next few weeks as Fargo wraps up shooting in town. (Photo courtesy of Robert Hilton)

Fargo is back in High River to shoot its Season 2 finale, and the show is set to go out with a bang.

Fargo Producer, Kim Todd, says they'll be pulling out all the stops.

"The scene we're shooting is certainly something we've been building toward all season," she says. "There will be gunfire and excitement, and the entire shoot-out scene takes place at night. So, we will shoot pieces of it over several nights."

The filming is set to take place at the High River Motor Motel on April 29 to May 1, and May 4 to 8.

Subsequently, Fifth Ave. SW between Macleod Trail and First St. SW will be closed during filming, and traffic will be re-directed.

Most of the night-time filming will occur between May 4 and 8, but Todd says the Fargo crew is doing its best to disturb residents in the area as little as possible.

"We'll be shooting from sun down to sun up," she says. "We will have simulated gunfire, never real gunfire, and we've talked to all the neighbours in the surrounding area, and offered to move people out of their homes if their sleep is going to be disturbed by our noise. We are trying hard to let people know why we're there, and what we're doing."

Todd says during the night, the'll also have traffic barricades along Macleod Trail and First St. SW.

Representatives from Fargo will be set up at the High River Trade Show over the weekend, and residents are encouraged to stop by with any questions or concerns.