There was plenty of snow in some areas Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The Director for Agriculture Services in Vulcan County, Kelly Mailbag says that area got some too, but it's not expected to make a big difference to soil moisture levels.

"Essentially High River east, we've really dried out here the last month or so, we had some decent moisture in December, and then the winds came up again, we had a windy fall and these last few weeks have been really windy and warm, we got a little more snow last (Tuesday) night, it looks like more than there probably really is moisture-wise, this fluffy snow, but long story short we're pretty dry and hopefully March which is usually our wetter winter month brings us some snow because we really need it."

He says it's just been one of those winters with a lot of Chinook winds evaporating the snow that was there in December.

Another problem is sloughs are drying out.

"No one wants to talk negative in the middle of February but we're really going to need some moisture here, we really need to fill some of these dugouts and sloughs up, they're all dry out here. This time of year doesn't usually decide a crop but it'd sure be nice to see some snow because we're going into the year  here very dry."

Almost half the province declared a disaster last year because of drought and that's left fields with little reserve moisture to draw from this year.

Malmberg estimates the top one foot of soil is bone dry.