Feral cats in Nanton better be prepared to be rehomed to a barn or a shop if they aren't sneaky enough.

Starting mid-April and going until mid-June, the Nanton Animal Protection Society will be on the prowl for feral cats in the area and helping to find them new homes.

"This is the second year in a row I've aggressively pursued it," explains the Nanton Animal Protection Society Shelter Manager and President Angie Taylor. "What we do is I book appointments at the vet clinic, then we go out and we trap as many cats as we can fill those appointments with. The feral cats that are running loose in town. And take them into the vet clinic, they get spayed and neutered, they get the rabies vaccine, they get a quick health check."

After that, hopefully, the cats get rehomed to a barn or shop. 

There is no cost for anyone willing to take home one of the cats.

According to Taylor, the only requirement placed on those wishing to take one of the feral cats home is that the cats must have a steady supply of food, water, and shelter.

"We want them to have a steady supply of food because barn cats will make better mousers if they're fed because then they are mousing for fun instead of to survive," Taylor says.

Originally, they were going to begin catching cats the last few weeks, but with the cold weather we experienced, they decided to push it back a bit.

The Nanton Animal Protection Society is hoping to catch and re-home 20 cats this year.

Last year, they were called to a home to pick up 20 feral cats from a single home that had been fed by a couple of people in the neighbourhood.

If you want to help the Nanton Animal Protection Society, there are a few options.

You can adopt from them, you can drop off animal food and supplies, or donate money.

If you know of a feral cat that could use a helping hand, call or text 403-336-8655 to reach the Animal Protection Society.