Local rivers can be enticing anytime during the summer but especially when we're dealing with temperatures in the high 20's and low 30's.

High River Fire Chief Cody Zebedee is urging everyone to find another way to cool off.

"After our high water event in June there is still a significant amount of runoff that is coming down from our watershed and we are still seeing the (Highwood) river quite murky at this time which poses some challenges when you are using the river and are not able to see any debris or logs or things that may be hidden underneath the water that when the river is running clean you would be able to see," said Zebedee.

He says the murky water hides things like trees and other items that may have been brought down during the high water event in June that weren't there last year.

"If people do decide to go on or near the river the biggest thing is to let someone know where you're at and have a plan so that in the event you don't have cell phone service that you have someone who knows where you're at and when you plan on returning," he says.

He also urges everyone to use life jackets when on or near the water.

If someone falls into the river the best thing to do, he says, is to call 9-1-1.

Zebedee says the fire department just recently did some swift water rescue training but they'd prefer not to have to use it.