A big win for Jason Glass this weekend as he won the hometown show in High River for the first time in 7 years. Glass blazed around the track in a time of 1:16:49 taking top day money and the North American Chuckwagon Title as well. He says being at home for the past week after a rough start on the road made all the difference in the world. He says it's been great, as his horses have been in their own barn and pastures for the past week. He says they're healthy and strong and ready to go again this week. One of Darcy Flad's horses had a heart attack in the 2nd heat almost causing a wreck. Luckily all the drivers, outriders and the rest of the horses on the track managed to escape unhurt. It's a short week for the drivers as they've got to hit the road early to get to the Ponoka Stampede which kicks off Wednesday.