The Heritage Junior B Hockey League's High River Flyers have the perfect partner to brew up a few wins this season.

Nick Kellock says the High River Brewing Company will be seen a lot more around the Rec-Plex this season...

"We have a signed a three year partnership with the High River Flyers and basically what we'll be doing is providing them with monetary support over the next three years to ensure the club keeps moving in the right direction and can expand as they need to," he says.

The brewery has been working with the hockey club for the last few months to figure out how they could improve the fans experience.

"We are the exclusive beer supplier for the High River Flyers and and the Flyers will now be known as the High River Brewing Company Flyer which is very cool for us and gets our name out there a little bit more," he says. "On top of that we are introducing a party zone...basically it's 30 dedicated seats for our staff and our customers and anybody who comes in and wants a ticket to the game. We're going to be helping the Flyers to bring in live music and other events to the games just to make it a better show for everybody to enjoy."

They'll be opening up the HRBrewCo Party Zone starting with a soft launch at Friday night's game when they host Three Hills.