Due to the recent rain and snow in Foothills County, the Fire Restriction has been lifted.

The alert level is currently listed as low due after the precipitation we've seen and are expected to continue seeing this week.

A reminder that any fire that calls for permits under Class 1 and Class 2 are free of charge and that you can apply for the permits on the Foothills County website.

Class 1 permits allow for small burns that are less than 10'x10'x5'. Class 2 is for large burns that are more than 10'x10'x5'.

Residents in the area are reminded that the County can impose a fire ban, fire restriction, or advisory at any time and the burn permits may be revoked with little to no notice if the conditions justify it.

Residents must immediately put out any open fire fully as all existing fire permits will be voided and no new permits will be issued.

More information is available on the Foothills County website.