Foothills County has moved to a Fire Restriction.

Conditions are dry, windy, and warm enough for a switch to the Restriction, according to the county.

It should be noted that no restrictions are currently in effect in Okotoks or High River.

Their website lists fires that are prohibited under a Restriction:

  • Fires that require a permit, Class1 and Class2. (Class1 is for small burns, less than 10 x 10 X 5, Class2 is for large burns, any area that is 10’ X 10’ X 5’ or larger).
  • Fireworks, Firecrackers and exploding targets
  • Torches or Lanterns with open flame

It's not to be confused with a fire ban, which covers a much larger range of fires.

Still permitted under the Restriction are: 

  • Safe residential fire pits and safe campfires in campgrounds (non-combustible unit 36 inches in diameter or less)
  • Gas or propane stoves/barbecues when used in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Charcoal briquette and solid fuel barbecues when used to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Chiminea’s (with screen covers that are located on non-combustible surfaces)
  • Internal household fireplaces
  • Wood pellet smokers
  • Incinerators (for farm and acreage use), burning barrels (steel drum no larger than 45 gallons, with screen covers that are located on a non-combustible surface)  

A change in conditions could see the Restriction pulled back to an Advisory, or elevated to a Ban.