A well-known local eatery has been getting some attention online lately.

The Chuckwagon Cafe in Diamond Valley has had millions of views on their accounts run by their serving staff.

Views on several of their TikToks have 10-20,000 views, one of them broke 1 million views, and another has amassed 3.5 million.

Their TikToks range from showing the daily goings on at the cafe, employees dancing to a trendy tune, or showcasing some of the humour that comes with working in the service industry.

Employee Susan Green runs @susancruzn, and often showcases the cafe's food along with a song.

"In the morning I do breakfast and I try to couple it with a song that means something. Either it means something to the guest it's being served to or it's something special to us. In the afternoon it's usually one of the girls and myself running a plate of food, again to a song that means something."

@susancruzn Lunchtime!! #chuckwagoncafe #comevisit #whatiskeepingyou ♬ Hungry Like the Wolf (US Remix) [2009 Remaster] - Duran Duran

Taylor Strome is one of the servers behind @thechuckwagongirls, 

"Ours are focused on humour and we try to appeal to the restaurant server audience. Relatable posts, it's crazy, we've gotten crazy feedback from that one."

@thechuckwagongirls Best dishwasher EVER✨✨✨ #chuckwagoncafe #turnervalley #alberta #foodtok #restaurantlife ♬ original sound - Ajaniquet

She finds it definitely adds a different dynamic to her job.

"Nobody expected it to blow up that much but it's great that it did. It's blowing up our business and we're having fun doing it."