The 7th annual Hike for Hospice was held last weekend.

It's one of the Foothills Country Hospice's biggest annual fundraisers, where supporters, volunteers, and sponsors trek five kilometres across Okotoks' pathway system all while raising money for the non-profit.

The event is always a gamble when it comes to weather, with past events marked by dreary and wet conditions, but luckily the sun came out in time for the hike.

Fund development officer Shanon Maksymich was glad to see so many people come out to show support.

"The vibe and the energy was incredible. We had a little over 300 people in attendance at the event, which was awesome, and we raised just over $48,000."

Fundraisers like these are vital for the hospice, who provide their services free of charge.

"It costs approximately $1,035 per patient per day. At approximately 100 patients per year, we have a total of around $3.3 million. AHS covers 57 per cent of that and we are left fundraising the remainder, about $1.3 to $1.5 million," says Maksymich.

Events coordinator Robyn Alford is already looking ahead, both to the next Foothills County Hospice event and the next Hike for Hospice.

"We're absolutely thinking about next year, of how we can grow the event and make sure that everybody can come out, have a great time, and help us out with that. Up next will be the gala on October 28. We still have some details to iron out but save the date."