Since Monday, April 29th, Tim Horton's Smile Cookie campaign has been in full swing, where money from Smile Cookie sales from the Okotoks Tim Hortons locations is going to a local non-profit.

This campaign's recipient, Baby It's Cold Outside (BCO), has been there since Tuesday helping to decorate the cookies.

"This morning, just like we've been doing other days this week. We're going to be volunteering our time and decorating the Smile Cookies," explained Tamara Boivin, who is the Christmas Feat Volunteer with BCO. "We started on Tuesday (April 30th), and we've come every day and today is a bonus day, because we had so much fun."

The cookies cost $1.50 each, and 100 per cent of that goes to BCO.

"So, any time that Tim Hortons staff is preparing the cookies, or making extra, or anything, and the cost of the cookies, it is all being donated by Tim Hortons," Boivin says.

This is the second time Baby It's Cold Outside has been the one to receive money from this campaign, with the first time being the Holiday Smile Cookie Week back in December.

The money from this campaign will go towards helping people with things like paying their bills or rent, mental health therapists, and more.

Anyone in the Foothills County can receive help from Baby It's Cold Outside, all year round.

Sunday, May 5th is the last opportunity to get Smile Cookies and help out Baby It's Cold Outside.