Okotoks Cinemas hosted the Calgary Ghostbusters on Saturday (March 23).

They were in town for the opening weekend of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the latest film in the beloved franchise.

The Calgary Ghostbusters are a group of fans who regularly appear at events in the Calgary area and raise money for the Alberta Children's Hospital and other charities.

Several of their members were suited up in the iconic Ghostbusters flight suits and, of course, were hefting proton packs on their backs.

They also had a table set up to sell patches and stickers, with proceeds going to charity.

Greeting moviegoers before they entered the cinemas were the Calgary Ghostbusters vehicles: the Ecto 1-Eh and the Ecto-4R.

This is their second time at Okotoks Cinemas, having stopped in back in 2021 for the opening of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.