Tanner Mortenson rollerbladed across the province in August raising money and awareness for mental health.

Mortenson, a former junior hockey player and current member of the Nanton Palominos senior AA men's hockey team, rollerbladed across Alberta on the Trans-Canada Highway from the B.C. border to the Saskatchewan border.

Mortenson dubbed the fundraising challenge 'Morty's Marathon for Mental Health' with all funds raised going to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary region.

Mortenson moved away from home at the age of 14 to develop his hockey skills and from dorms to billets to injuries and alcohol abuse he struggled through his late teens. He freely talks about his struggles and how it led to mental health struggles along the way.

Part of his journey is also physical as he rollerbladed across in a remarkably short time.

"So, we started at the B.C. border, just northwest of Lake Louise, and we went pretty much along the Trans-Canada (Highway) and finished at the Saskatchewan border just east of Medicine Hat. We finished in five and half days. 

All in all, he raised almost $6,500.00 for mental health.


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