Gas prices continue to trend upward across much of Canada and according to experts and reports, they'll only continue to climb this summer.

The shock at the pumps is certainly causing some pocketbook woes with the national average price of gas sitting at 2.06.7/L as of Friday, June 16.

This jump is causing many people to consider commuting less, trying carpooling, transit or alternative modes of transport such as electric bikes.

Some have even made the decision to cancel summer travel altogether like Chelsea, an Okotoks resident with family out of province.

"All of our family's in BC, so we probably won't be able to go do our trip out there like normal because a reasonably priced vacation is now not reasonably priced, you know."

Others are seeing the rise in gas prices as a reason to start thinking about their own carbon emissions.

Gord Peterson, another resident of Okotoks currently drives a hybrid to cut down on his emissions and is hoping the rise in price encourages people to start thinking the same way.

"You have to live within your means and with the price of gas going up it is forcing people to rethink ‘how am I using energy in the best possible way and what is my impact? What is my impact on the environment and how can I reduce that?’ 

"I think a lot of people are thinking about their carbon footprint. You know, ideally, people buy what they need and plan for the next 10 years."

Craig Corder is a daily commuter within the town and made the decision in their household to drop down to just a single vehicle to try and save money on monthly fuel costs and to reduce their footprint on emissions.

Corder thought to try out an electric option which has worked out well given the layout of the town.

"I can use the pathway system here in Okotoks basically from my front door to my work. It's perfect."

According to the website GasBuddy, the average price in Alberta sits at 1.89.6/L. Currently the lowest price in Canada and the only price per litre under two dollars.