Looking for the perfect background for your family pictures this summer?

Well, look no further than right here in the Foothills, my friend!

Paradise Hill Farm, outside of Nanton, is bringing back their sunflower sessions, offering the most dreamy Albertan backdrop that will have you loving EVERY photo you take. 

We caught up with Tony and Karen Legault, owners of Paradise Hill Farm, to get the inside scoop on the return of the farm's newest addition; sunflower fields.

"So basically we open up the bookings for these one-hour sessions, you go online and you book yourself a spot, you pay for the spot and that spot is yours. And it's just you and whoever, however many you want to bring, into that spot for that hour. So lots of photographers like it, and usually, the sunset ones book up the fastest because the way the farm is situated it looks back at the town of Nanton and the grain elevators and the mountains and the sun sets beautifully over there. So when you get a bit of a sunflower drop in the background it is quite the picture." 

And no need to worry about droves of strangers photo bombing your 'pic' because as mentioned the hour session is completely yours, with only you and your party taking in the beauty of the sunflower field. 

And if you've already been down south for your photo shoot within the last three years expect to go again as there are some new features to expect.

"I do try to cut a  few little holes into the field so when you get a picture it looks like you're standing in the middle of the field and stuff like that and of course you can walk around the edges. We did something a bit different this year.. we planted some coloured sunflowers, so there should be some whites and reds. When you put them all in the feeder and run along the row you don't know what comes where but sooner or later we should see what colours come around the outside edge of the field, so some special colours there...We also moved the field a little bit so to anyone who has been here before it might not be the same picture." 

The sunflowers only have flowers for about 16-18 days so bookings have officially opened as of 6 p.m. today for August 12th up until the 28th!

The Legault's advise that it is first come first serve with the sunset spots probably going before tomorrow evening, so don't hesitate! 

Don't miss your opportunity to get that perfect shot but that being said any photo in a sunflower field is the perfect shot! 

Book yourself or look for a local photographer that may be offering spots!