Welcome to the last week of May 2019, the weather looks fantastic for outdoor activities in

the next few days, we over at the Brown Hacienda will try to get some painting done and 

some fence mending on the ranch while the weather cooperates this week.  It will be tough

getting outside chores done now that I am committed to binge watching Breaking Bad on

Netflix and with The Stanley Cup Playoffs continuing tonight but we'll make it happen.


Happy Memorial Day to our American friends today, I hope it's a great day to remember

in your area.


The NLL Champions are The Calgary Roughnecks, Lacrosse is not the number one sport 

of Southern Alberta but everyone likes a winner, congrats to the Necks!  The Toronto Raptors

for all of You B ball fans are off to the NBA Finals and will host the first game in TO later

this week.  As a Leaf fan it's tough to think that two major sports teams in Toronto could

have titles in their respective leagues before the Leafs win their next Stanley Cup, but what

can you do?  Meanwhile The Bruins and The Blues start The Stanley Cup final tonight in 



Thanks to The Legion and The Rotary Club for a food donation this past Saturday I shredded

all of those documents I needed out of the files.  That is a great service and it sounds like they 

will provide that service once a year.


Have a Great week!


Charlie Brown