Gerry Ritz (file photo)


Farmers of North America Strategic Agriculture Institute is happy about the re-appointment of the Gerry Ritz as ag minister and the appointment of the Honourable Rona Ambrose as health minister.

They say both departments have significant roles in the profitability of farmers in Canada.

"Minister Ritz has been working hard for Canadian farmers, and we thank him for the job he has done already," said Bob Friesen, CEO of FNA-STAG. "We look forward to working with Minister Ritz as he continues his role, confirmed in today's cabinet changes."

FNA-STAG also looks forward to continuing work with Health Canada and Minister Ambrose. Her ministry is important for Canadian farmers, as it is responsible for the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), which manages the regulation and process of registering generic crop protection products in Canada.

The PMRA has come under fire recently, as farmers speak out about the lack of generic crop protection products, compared to countries like the U.S.

"We applaud the Government of Canada on their work to improve competitiveness, including through regulatory improvements," commented Friesen. "I am confident the new minister of health understands agriculture and the cost competitive needs of farmers, and we can call on her to ensure that regulation for generic pesticide registration is handled in a way that allows generic products to reach the market faster."

Canadian farmers and generic companies have recently made statements calling on the government to ensure the PMRA complies with its competitiveness agenda. They also urge the PMRA to implement recommendations made by the generic crop protection industry to address the serious imbalance in the Protection of Proprietary Interests in Pesticide Data in Canada (PPIP) regulation administered by the PMRA.