This Thursday May 5th is Health Care Heroes Day.

It's now in its third year of thanking and celebrating our local health care workers.

Cathy Couey, fund development and communications officer with the High River District Health Care Foundation, says it came about because of the pandemic.

"Health Care Heroes Day started three years ago, this is our third annual, and it was actually derived from recognizing that during all the challenges through Covid that our health care teams needed a bit of a lifting up."

They will once again have a virtual page for you to send well wishes and share your stories on their website.

"We hear all the time at the foundation office the incredible gratitude, incredible stories of care that happen throughout our community in all of our different facilities.  And so we thought why don't we create a day where everyone can show their appreciation and share those stories and the staff see it first hand. So, we decided that Health Care Heroes Day would continue on the first Thursday of every May."

The foundation will start the day by greeting all the workers with coffee and treats from Collosi's in High River and they'll have some coffee and treats for colleagues in Nanton.

If you would like to show your appreciation with posters and signs in your windows and on your lawn, the Foundation has signs available at no cost.

All you have to do is register online to get a sign. The foundation will bring them to you on May 4 and pick them up on May 9.

They also encourage you and your family to make your own signs of thanks for your windows, fences and lawns.