The desire for community gardens is increasing along with the price of food at the grocery store.

The Town of High River is looking into where additional gardens could go.

There are three currently, at Sheppard Family Park, McLaughlin Meadows and one in the northwest, with about 70 people on a waiting list.

Councilor Michael Nychyk said there's still more space available behind Notre Dame Collegiate and councillor Jamie Kinghorn wondered whether a garden would be considered permanent infrastructure and not allowed in Wallaceville.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says it might be allowed where the Willows condos were because it's at a slightly higher elevation.

There's one proposed as part of a learning program at Spitzee school and another already up at Senator Riley middle school, both with public access. 

Councillor Brenda Walsh says there is a bit of "NIMBY-ism" when it comes to where they should go.

Administration's been tasked with looking into it.

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