High River is home to a fairly large Mexican contingent.

A big part of their culture at this time of year are Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.

The owner of El Papalote, Ima Moreno says it's meant as a celebration of the lives of those we've lost.

"The Day of the Dead is a cultural event that happens in Mexico every year on November 1 and November 2. It's about putting an altar, and we have the intention to receive the people who have passed, and we have the belief that they come down to be with us.

"What we do is put out an offering to them, things that they like to eat, things that people like to leave at the altar, treats that you might suggest they will enjoy when they come back from the land of the dead," Moreno explains.

There are events starting Sunday, October 29 including a brunch buffet and market being put on by Inclusion Foothills

Events run all week and wrap up Saturday, November 4 with a Closing Gala.

All events are hosted by the Heritage Inn.

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