We're expected to get some more flurries this week.

FCSS Community Resource Coordinator with the Town of High River Kaylee Miller says you can call the Snow Angels if you need help getting it off the sidewalk.

"We're encouraging residents of High River just to look out for their neighbours, so if you see someone that is struggling with mobility or is a senior and having a hard time shovelling their driveway or their front pathways, we are just putting a message out there to encourage residents just to look out for one another," Miller says.

She says FCSS does have its Snow Angels program again this year which matches up volunteers with people in need of some help.

"It's one reason why we haven't had many calls so far is because people are so great and so willing to help when they see people in need," she says.

Contact the FCSS office at 403-652-8620 or by email at fcss@highriver.ca whether you need help or are willing to shovel for someone else.