The High River District Health Care Foundation are thrilled to have reached their loft $250,000 fundraising goal.

The 'Patient Entertainment Project' was started last October with the intent of raising money for televisions and cable service for acute care patients at the High River Hospital.

Cathy Couey, Fund Development & Communications Officer with the foundation says thanks to a local group they were able to hit their goal.

"We were thrilled to have Ken Martell of the High River Rotary club come and give us a visit and with the $7,000 gift that helped us reach our $250,000 goal in our patient entertainment project."

High River Rotary Club president Ken Martell (supplied)High River Rotary Club president Ken Martell (supplied)

Couey says the project was about replacing old and outdated televisions and bringing in some quality programming for them.

"The patient entertainment project is looking at replacing and installing 43 new television sets in all of our acute care rooms.  These televisions will not only bring their favorite programs but also a selection of games and some calming and meditative kinds of sounds and programs as well."

Couey also added the support from former patients and family members has been very much appreciated.

"Throughout this campaign we have heard numerous family members, who many of them have come in and supported the program, saying you know my family member was here and didn't have a television in their room and what a difference this is going to make for someone's stay in our facility and so that's what this was all about."