Many of us will take time this Friday to remember those who fought and died in foreign wars.

High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass says wearing a poppy is an important reminder.

"It's extremely important that we do this every year to remember the sacrifices that everybody, those men and women did in those days to give us the freedoms that we have today, we're still one of the freest nations in the world and it's because of that," he says. "I think it's even of further importance when you see what's going on between Russia and Ukraine right now as to the sacrifices, you know my generation doesn't get it. Few individuals that I went to school with have ever seen war most of us have no idea what that's about."

He says in seeing the images we get almost every day on the news from Ukraine and seeing how bad it is, it's hard to imagine what it was like in World War I and World War II.

Remembrance Day services will be held all around the Foothills on Friday.

In High River they'll be held at the Highwood Centre.