High River saw record-breaking temperatures two days in a row this week.

An upper ridge of pressure provided several Alberta municipalities with some early-fall heat, with 31 records broken yesterday (Sept. 28) across Southern Alberta.

On Sept. 27, High River's previous record of 26.5 C from 1994 was topped with a high of 28.5 C.

Then on Sept. 28, High River's 2012 record of 27 C was broken with a 30.7 C high.

Other regions to have seen record-breaking heat include Claresholm, Taber, and Strathmore.

It goes to show how widespread the pressure ridge was.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Alysa Pederson says the cooler temperature we're seeing today is a rebound.

"Typically, when you get them this enlarged or this big, it lasts a couple of days before we get a strong enough low-pressure system to come through and dampen it. That's what we're seeing today."

Another ridge is incoming, according to Pederson, but it won't reach the 30s like it did this week.

"Another ridge is building so temperatures are going to go again a little bit warmer into the low 20s. Essentially what they're expected to be today, it cools off a bit tomorrow behind the system, then it re-warms for Saturday/Sunday. Then into next week again, another building of the ridge."

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