2014 easter-egg-hunt
Courtesy the Town of High River

High Riverites won't have to wait for the Easter Bunny to visit on Sunday to enjoy some chocolate.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is all set to go once again on Saturday, and Cynthia Farrow with the town said it's just yet another post-flood event to brighten everyone's spirits.

"Everyone wants to see things get back to normal, see that the regular town events are still being held, and it gives people a chance to see everyone again."

She added "it's just sort-of a two hour event, where the kids get to go gather up chocolate Easter eggs, and then as well in the backyard of the Culture Centre we're doing a barbecue lunch where people can get free hot dogs, coffee, pop and water, and just enjoy the day."

The hunt is divided into four age groups, 0-3. 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12, with the 0-3 age group going right at eleven, with the rest of the groups to follow accordingly.

The event is weather permitting, so dress accordingly, and be sure to bring your own Easter basket as well.

The Easter Egg Hunt runs from 11-1 on Saturday in Charles Clark Park between the Culture Centre and the Library.