There's more consultation to be done before the province closes off meridians at three intersections on Highway 2 east of Okotoks.

Foothills County Reeve Delilah Miller says there's still more work to be done.

County councils concerned about the affect the closures would have elsewhere.

"Alberta Transportation is still working on the interchange, there's some different drawings, proposals that have come forward for the County and we're allowed to give input so it's very much in the consultation process," she says. "We'd like an interchange there sooner rather than later, it's a really dangerous area," Miller says. "If they're going to close the medians, we feel it's important they put traffic lights at the Hebson Arena because a lot of the traffic will be funneled that way and that will be an increasingly dangerous spot for people to navigate."

She says the changes would make it safer, but it would also have a big impact on businesses like the Saskatoon Farm and others on the east side of Highway 2.

The intersections affected are 306th, 338th and 370th avenues.

The long-range plan is to build an interchange at Highway 2 and 370th Avenue.

"We're not anticipating an interchange for five to seven years, we'd like it sooner than that because it's increasingly dangerous," she says.

intersectionsThese intersections currently permit left turns, through movements, and right turns from all approaches.
intersectionsThese intersections will be reconfigured to restrict those movements.