The Flood Warning issued on Monday (June 14) for the Highwood River from the Town of High River to the Bow River has been downgraded to a High Streamflow Advisory.

The river's flow rate is expected to peak at 200 cubic meters/second near midnight tonight.

High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass gave some context to the flow rate in a video update released on Monday.

"The 2013 flood was 1830-ish cubic meters/second, so we're a long ways away even if we reach the peak flow of 400, we're a long ways away from anything that 2013 looked like... even at 400 we're a long ways away from that."

The Flood Watch issued for Fish creek/Priddis Creek was also downgraded to a High Streamflow Advisory, with the flow rate estimated to peak this afternoon at an estimated 30 cubic meters/second.

At the moment, High Streamflow Advisories are in place for:

  • Highwood River Basin – excluding the mainstem between the Town of High River and Bow River Confluence
  • Highwood River mainstem between Town of High River and Bow River Confluence
  • Fish Creek / Priddis Creek