Wow today was a busy day! This morning it was the Home of Heartland Street Party here in High River. Fans had a chance to see Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Shaun Johnston, and the young actress who will be playing a new character for Season 6 (which starts September 23!), Alicia Newton. A live question and answer period took place across from Maggies Diner where people had a chance to step inside and take pictures. Some questions were sent in on Facebook and the fan site from people as far away as Ohio and Ireland! People lined up for free Heartland straw hats and little foam horses to keep as momentos. The mayor of High River Emile Blockland did a cake cutting with the cast. The cake was made by the new bakery Cakery Bakery that is right across from Maggies Diner and it was really yummy so I might have to stop in there and check it out one day!


Mariya sang at the event which was really cool because I actually used to go to school with her Nanton! It is always great to see her up there performing becuase she has such an amazing voice. I had a lot of people come up to me and ask me who she was becuase they thought she was great!


Also going on today was the Kite Flying Festival and Rock Wall Climbing at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre. Today also was the first day of Guy Weadick Days. The chuckwagon races start tonight at 6 and then tomorrow afternoon at 3.

Tomorrow I will be in Nanton for the Equine Days Mule and Donkey show so keep an eye out for me there!