High River's Family and Community Support Services is looking for pilots, but these will stay on the ground.

Youth and social well being programmer Caitland Asmunson says they're looking for pilots for their Cycling Without Age program taking seniors around town on tri-shaws.

It's been really popular.

"It's an opportunity for seniors to get reconnected to their community and enjoy nature up close and connect with other community members that they might meet on the trails and just enjoy that freedom that comes along with taking a bike ride, " she says. "We've had just wonderful stories come out of that program of folks that enjoyed cycling within our community previously but then haven't been able to enjoy things like the Happy Trails to the extent that they used to because they've lost the mobility to ride a bicycle so this ensures that those folks are able to enjoy those wonderful parts of the quality of life that our community has to offer."

The bikes are electric assisted so you don't need muscles galore to volunteer.

"You have to be physically fit enough to ride a regular bicycle but you certainly don't have to have extra strength to be carrying passengers on it because it does have the electric assist on it and they're really very wonderful to drive, they're very easy and smooth to ride," Asmundson says.

The Town has two of the tri-shaws, one at Seasons in the northwest and the other at the FCSS resource Centre which serves multiple locations.

That includes picking up seniors on the second floor at the High River Hospital by taking the trike right on to the elevator and picking them up there and taking them for a ride.

Are you interested in volunteering or booking a ride? Please contact Caitland by email at casmundson@highriver.ca or by phone at 403.603.3653.