Jason Kenney is stepping down as Alberta’s premier.

After 34,298 votes were cast by UCP members, 51.4 per cent voted for Kenney to remain as the party’s leader.

Despite this, and previous remarks that he would remain as long as over 50 per cent of party members voted in favour of him, Kenney announced his plans to step down from the position.

Appearing just after the results were announced, Kenney announced his intention and his recommendation for the provincial board to schedule a leadership election.

“We need to move forward united, we need to put the past behind us, and a large number of our members have asked for an opportunity to clear the air through a leadership election.”

He also thanked members and volunteers who contributed to the process and shared some accomplishments from the UCP over the past three years, as well as some hardships.

Kenney called for unity among Alberta's conservatives moving forward.

"While we have our internal differences, we must remember the shared values that unite us as conservatives, and we must always remember the promise of Alberta. This great land of opportunity where dreams come true and anyone can achieve their God-given potential."