It was a gorgeous day in the Foothills!  The sun was out and the sky was clear, which was perfect because I spent the entire day outside.


Bright and early it was off to Gladys United Church for their Stampede Breakfast.  The Blackie Lions Club did all the cooking and a few of the church members got up on stage and performed.  The food was delicious, the company was polite and the atmosphere (outside, under the wide open sky) was beautiful!  That is how you start the day off right!


From there, it was off to the Bar U to check out Roundup Memories.  An afternoon around the campfire, drinking cowboy coffee and listening to poets, historians and musicians talk about the old days.  There were people from all over the world who took a break from the busy Calgary Stampede to visit the Bar U and experience a quieter side of the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.



See you out next weekend!