I spent the day watching and very much enjoying the "Sport of Kings"...or polo, however you want to call it.


Every year the Bar U hosts a polo tournament where cowboys, seasoned polo players and descendants of original Bar U players come out and play on the original Bar U polo field.  You get to learn all the rules of the game and take in the action.  The fun starts when the cowboys take on the seasoned players!  This year, the seasoned players won...but who knows what will happen next year!


Some fun facts I learnt about the sport are:

-Players must hold the polo stick in their right hand...even if they're left handed.

-The periods are called Chuckers and are 7 minutes long.  The clock doesn't stop unless there is a penalty shot that must be taken.

-The objective of the game is to get the ball through the goal posts.


See you out on the August long weekend! (short work week...whoot whoot!)