I've got lots planned for the May Long Weekend!


On Saturday, May 21st, the Big Red Barn is opening (High River Visitor's Information Centre).  The Munroe Barn, better known as the Big Red Barn, was built in 1913 near Milo.  It was moved to Sheppard Family Park in 2005.  I'll be hanging around the park from 9:00am - 3:00pm.  


On Sunday, May 22nd, The Bar U Ranch is opening.  The Bar U National Historic Site is one of the first ranches of the West.  Most of the large corporate ranches of the 1880s went out of business in the 20th century, but the Bar U has survived to present day.  There will be a ribbon cutting at 9:00am where you can grab some delicious Cowboy Coffee.  It's also Parks Canada's 100th Anniversary.  Parks Canada was the first National Park system in the world.  Stick around for the Centennial cake cutting at 11:00am.  I'll be there from 9:00am - 2:00pm.


On Monday, May 23rd,  I'll be all over High River.  Watch for me in the Little Britches Parade!  Afterwards, I'll be heading over to George Lane Park to enjoy beef on a bun and watch Battle of the Bands.  You'll also find me at the 4-H Show and Sale which starts at 1:00pm and is now being held at the Highwood Live Stock Auction Market.


There's lots to do this weekend!