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“When you actually see these places, you can picture what took place.”

A spectacular journey of faith, the Israel Experience creates an opportunity for people to travel with Back To The Bible Canada to Israel, and experience Bible teachings where they were originally heard thousands of years ago.

“You get to walk where Jesus walked, where the disciples walked. And you get to hear Doctor John Neufeld open up the Word and teach it right in those locations”, says Back To The Bible Chief Operating Officer Steve Biggerstaff.  

Joining the travelers are Bible teacher Doctor John Neufeld, singer Amanda Stott, and Laugh Again’s Phil Callaway, as well as the Back To The Bible leadership team. Evening events will include times of worship, fellowship, preaching, and hearing from Phil… which is sure to lead to some laughs!  

Stops along the way include The Southern Steps, the Pool of Siloam, Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, Caesarea, The Garden Tomb, the Sea of Galilee, and many others.

Travelers also have the opportunity to add the Jordan Extension.

“We will go into Jordan,” Steve clarifies. “We’ll go into the desert. We’ll go to Mount Nebo. We’ll get to see the Bedouins. We’ll get to go to Petra, which is one of the wonders of the world. And we’ll also go to Jerash, a Greco-Roman city. The City of a Thousand Columns. Here, you’ll see what Rome was like, just how beautiful it was. It’s one of the largest, most preserved Roman sites in the world outside of Italy. It’s absolutely spectacular.”

One perk of Back To The Bible tours is their small group sizes. This ensures that guests get the best experience possible, and have a change to get to know all the group leaders.

“The maximum number of buses that we will take is three. And what we do with those buses is that Doctor John, Phil, and Amanda will rotate through those buses each day. So, everyone gets an opportunity to interact with them, to talk with them, to meet them.”

“Breakfast and dinner are included in the trip”, Steve continues. “There’s a lot of time to talk, and to hear about the ministry, to fellowship with likeminded individuals.”

But what else can guests expect?

“There’s some walking, but not too much”, Steve assures. “We try to leave the hotel right after breakfast to get ahead of the large groups. And then we go from place to place, typically two or three places in a day.”

The schedule also includes slots of free time, including evenings at the Caesarea Hotel in Galilee which is near a spa, mineral pools, and a promenade full of market stalls that stretches alongside the Sea of Galilee.

Many have described it as a trip of a lifetime.

“We had two people who gave us a quote from this last trip. They said they’ve been in ministry 25 years. And this trip took their reading of the Bible from two dimensions to three dimensions. It has changed how they think of the Bible.”

To learn more about Back To The Bible’s Israel Experience 2023, visit https://www.backtothebible.ca/israelexperience or call 1-800-663-2425.

Scenery from Israel