While the markets, business analysts and those looking for a job in the oil patch are excited about the news of the Trudeau Liberals buying Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline, not everyone's as enthusiastic.

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney says lack of leadership at the Federal Level is why taxpayers are now being forced to shell out $4.5 Billion dollars to buy the pipeline.

"We are in this situation today because of the failure of the Federal Government to ensure respect for Canada's Constitution, for free trade between provinces and for the rule of law."

Kenney says there's still no guarantee the pipeline will be built, and is again calling for Ottawa to halt transfer and other payments to B.C. to end what he calls that province's "campaign of obstruction."

In a statement, Kenney says, “While we continue to support the much-needed Trans Mountain project, it’s the catastrophic failure of the Alberta NDP and the Trudeau Liberals that caused Kinder-Morgan to pull out and forced today’s costly decision. Today’s announcement changes nothing in terms of certainty for this project. Everyone that was opposed is still opposed. The law and constitution still need to be enforced. And investor confidence in Canada will be further shaken.

“We are glad that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion was not permanently cancelled today, but given Justin Trudeau’s failure to take any action to end the death by delay tactics in British Columbia, we still have very serious concerns about the project proceeding.

“If Justin Trudeau is going to pay $4.5 billion in taxpayer dollars to purchase a pipeline and $7.4 billion to build another, he needs to take immediate and meaningful action to end the disruption by the BC NDP and actually get the pipeline built."

Kenney says at the end of the day they support the fact the pipeline could move forward, but is being cautious about saying he's happy with how the two levels of government got from there to here.

“We are prepared in principle to support the Alberta government’s commitment of up to $2 billion in fund to indemnify the Trans Mountain operator from delays caused by political or legal uncertainty. However, we will ask the provincial government for more details about the nature of this commitment, and demand full transparency on this and any other costs borne by taxpayers."


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