A woman from Foothills County has decided to run to represent the UCP in Livingstone-Macleod in the next provincial election.

Tanya Clemens says freedom of choice is a key principle.

"It's kind of an umbrella, an umbrella principle that so many things can fall underneath and one of those is being able to protect our business and our industries from overreach at the federal level and also protecting our families and our individuals and preserving their autonomy," she says.

Clemens comes from a multi-generational farm family in Foothills County who's lived in the area all her life and wants to see the area prosper and thrive.

"I'm born and raised in Livingstone-Macleod, and I've always felt a calling to serve my community in lots of different ways, I've always volunteered and felt lucky to have the ability to do that," she explains. 

"Throughout the last couple of years, well, quite a few years actually I've just seen the direction that Alberta was going, we have so much possibility and so much opportunity but there's been things holding us back, that's been more evident the last couple of years with our freedom being taken away and the federal government's overreach into many of our businesses and industries."

She joins Don Whalen and Kevin Todd, who previously announced they were running to replace MLA Roger Reid in the riding.