Purple is the colour of National Family Violence Prevention Month. 

Recently, four local communities have signed a proclamation declaring their support for initiative.

Linette Soldan, Executive Director with Rowan House Society, says it means a lot.

"So, having the mayor and town council behind that is absolutely critical in raising awareness and to also engage in conversations about the prevalence of gender-based violence in our communities," Soldan explains. 

Members of Rowan House and Mayor Tanya Thorn signing the proclamationMembers of Rowan House watch as Mayor Tanya Thorn signs the proclamation.

She expressed her gratitude towards the communities.

"High River, Okotoks, Diamond Valley, and Vulcan that signed the proclamation declaring November as family violence prevention month. What I really appreciated from the towns is that they have been willing to post it, either on their websites or in their community," says Soldan.

They are hosting an awareness and fundraiser night on November 18.

"It's called Rhythms for Rowan and that is going to see some local artists come together and they're going to be performing. Brettyn Rose, there's also going to be Chase Morgan who's going to be coming and some other local artists."

If you need help, Hope is just a call or text away at (403) 652-3311.

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