A daycare in High River is about to get larger.

Julia Gwyn-Morris with Daydreams Early Learning Child Care says they'll soon add another 49 spaces when they take over the building across the parking lot from their current location.

"We have had a large waiting list for infant and toddler spaces, there seems to be, certainly since COVID, a lot of babies have been born and parents are going back to work and so, again waiting lists were just getting longer and longer and since we had the opportunity we took it."

"We take over the building around March 1st. 2023 and we'll be doing some minor renovations to the inside to make it appropriate and the idea is we're going to be moving our older children from what we call the 'senior pre-K kindergarten' group, which is three-and-a-half to six years of age, they'll be going in the new facility which is going to be called Daydreams Play Academy and then we'll be able to enlarge some spaces for more infants and toddlers in the main building that we have," she says

According to Gwyn-Morris, those new spaces are needed because they've received a number of enquiries from parents interested in moving to high River from B.C., Saskatchewan and Ontario.

"We know that's a good thing for High River if they're moving into this community, they're buying houses and they're shopping here and certainly having childcare in this particular environment and community makes a whole lot of sense," Gwyn-Morris says.

It'll also provide more outdoor space.

"Our focus is on the Flight Program which is something we've been involved in for a long time, it focuses on learning and play and we're going to be hopefully enlarging our yard that we already have, so that's kind of a plan for down the road."

Gwyn-Morris says the expansion gives them more options and ideas they've had for quite a while, but were restricted by space, can now be put into play.

They hope to have the doors open on the new building April 1.