Alberta's agriculture minister is urging Albertans to look at ways they can conserve water to help those who are producing their food.

Ag minister, and Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson points out that most of the water Albertans use comes from the mountain snowpack and spring and summer rain.

He says we need to do more with the water we have. 

"We're all in this together as we prepare for the 2024 growing season. To all Albertans, I encourage you to make an effort to better understand your role in conserving water," says Sigurdson. "Know that the water you might use to water your lawn could be used downstream to grow the crops that produce your food."

Sigurdson commends irrigation districts that have taken steps to better manage water use.

"Our long-term vision includes expanding and improving our irrigation system so producers can position the agriculture industry to lead the province?s economic growth and diversification.

"Irrigation is essential to farmers, ranchers, food processors and communities because it provides much-needed water and good jobs. That's why we have invested $933 million to expand and modernize irrigation in the province and why we provided $7 million to investigate the feasibility of a large-scale irrigation project in east-central Alberta."

Expanding and improving irrigation systems is a big part of the Alberta government's plan to help agricultural producers deal with a possible drought this year.