Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson says additional EMS resources in Okotoks are working out well.

Sigurdson, who's also co-chair of a committee looking at the delivery of EMS services across the province, says there's no need to wait on their work to make changes.

"We've been continuing to work within the committee and also to take as many of the actionable items that come to the table and get them vetted and implemented as quickly as possible because we understand the urgent nature of addressing the current EMS situation," he says.

AHS put four more paramedics in Okotoks as of August 15th.

Sigurdson says another improvement is the number of additional ambulances that have gone to Calgary and Edmonton.

"I think one of the most impactful changes that has happened to make sure that we got more ambulances ready here in our communities is to make sure that we don't have to flex any of our EMS resources into Calgary or large urban metropolitan urban centres for low acuity call anymore and being that low acuity calls make up the bulk of EMS 911 calls that definitely has resulted in a exponential increase in the amount of time that our EMS resources are here our small communities."

Sigurdson got to see EMS in action first hand last week when his son had an accident at the BMX track and EMS responded because it was a head injury.

He says his son was fine but it also gave him a chance to talk with a paramedic who, he says, was very appreciative of how much more time they're able to spend in the community.